Quick Fix To Gurgling And E-juice Come Into Mouth

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Dear Customer,
When smoking ,you can hear gurgling voice,and the e-juice enter into your mouth or tongue,there are some suggestion for your reference.
First,let the drip tip folded in a soft tissue, catch the base hardware of the nautilus or nautilus mini,the drip tip adown,then swing the nautilus or mini several times to let the gases out,then wipe the drip tip with clean cloth.Related video,please refer to:
Second,adjust the airflow hole to the biggest.
Thank you!
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  • So I was a little confused by the guidance here so I researched and watched the video and will try to clear up the instructions. The video is good, though, if you are more visual.

    1) Remove the drip tip (mouthpiece, essentially)
    2) fold a napkin/paper towel/piece of toilet paper/tissue/etc. in half
    3) cover the top of the tank and the body like you were going to wipe it clean
    4) hold the unit (prob still attached to battery) securely with the napkin/whatever
    5) shake the unit (sans drip tip) real good for about 5 seconds (don't accidentally throw it)
    6) remove napkin (or whatever) and clean the hole where the drip tip goes into
    7) replace drip tip
    8) continue vaping

    So this gurgle happens more frequently as the juice get lower (sometimes).

    Still unclear? Watch the video. And happy vaping! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goaowqtuXkc&feature=youtu.be

    P.S. - The Nautilus Mini is amazing! LOVE it.
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