New Atlantis, taste burnt and very hard hit???


I just purchased the Atlantis and CF Sub Ohm battery (Aspire).. I have verified both security codes..

The hit seems very hard (and hot) and it taste burnt... Is this normal?

I was expecting more vapor production without having such a hard hit.. I am a former smoker so I would like to think I can handle the hard hit. But after just a couple seconds of inhaling it is almost too hot and hard to finish the hit.. And the vapor production is not much better than my Nautilus mini

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  • Dear Customer,
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    After refilling,customer need let the device stand up for 3-5 minute,let the coil soak up e-juice,some people add some liquid to the coil before installing. After it sits for a little bit, you should take a few pulls, or dry hits.
    What you do is take a hit, but do not press the battery button. This pulls the liquid into the coil.
    Customer need refilling in time before the e-juice in the tank used up.
    What's more,don't use our Atlantis like using nautilus ,customer need take a long lung-puff like using RDA,otherwise,customer will think the product is defect,no vapor or little vapor.

    Have a nice day!
  • Sounds like your coil is not fully wicked. Try taking a new coil and putting a few drops into the top of the coil before installing it, then switch to the smallest airflow setting and hit it a few times without firing your battery. Let it sit for a few minutes and you should be good!
  • I had the same problem. Love the tank but this happened when I changed the coil. Will the burnt taste go away or is the coil ruined. I also need to know where to order new coils. Thanks!!
  • Dear Customer,
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    If you don't want to have to wait for the shipping from us directly,you can choose buy from our authorized sellers.
    Here are their information:

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