atlantis leaking

I've got 2 of the aspire atlantis' I've had a really bad time with both of them leaking. I just replaced a coil and it still POURS out of the air holes. I'm curious if maybe I'm not doing something correctly. I've made sure the coil is tight without over tightening.
Im getting fed up with it leaving a stain on what ever it leaks on. Any help would be appreciated
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire and sorry for the problem.
    First please check the security code on our website to make sure the products is original.
    What kind of battery did you use? What wattage did you use?
    It leaks when you using it? or Did it leak when you let it stay here for a long time,or it leak as soon as your refilling e-juice?
    Is there gurgling voice?
    Please check the glass tube carefully,if there is crack on the glass tube?

    Merry Christmas and happy holiday!
  • it's a great vaping experience, but the design is definitely flawed. it leaks EVERYWHERE and gets on everything, my clothes, my bedding (when i have a puff at night), and there's dozens of complaints about this online. i hope they have a fix or something, as i'm losing more juice than i'm vaping. great vape, awful design
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