Can I use my Atlantis with these Mods/Batteries?

I've done a bit of research on the Atlantis and I'm pretty sure I'm covered on the required hardware and batteries needed to properly use the Atlantis to safely Vape at sub ohm. While I have to tons of mods the 2 main ones I currently use are my Smok BEC Pro and my Joyetech eVic Supreme. In both devices I use the green Sony US18650 VTC4 flat top batteries which are rated at 30A if I'm not mistaken. From what I've read I'm good to go with these devices. The Smok BEC Pro I'm almost certain of cause it can reach 50W. I just don't know if these VTC4 batteries are sufficient enough. The Atlantis I just got was a Christmas present and I don't want to screw it up or damage it right out of the box because I didn't verify this. So I figured I'd come to the actual source (Aspire) and find out for sure before I fill this baby up and see what all the hype is about with sub ohm vaping. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! ;)
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    We are sorry that we don't use these battery you stated in the post.
    But please mare sure that:
    First,please make sure the thread in your battery is compatible with our Atlantis,never push our Atlantis to a un-compatible battery.
    Second,Our Atlantis is compatible with 20-30W wattage output batteries,Customers need check the wattage output is enough to fire our Atlantis,what's more,please make sure using wattage not exceed 30W,or you will burn the coils.
    Third,never dry burn our coils,after very refilling,please let the device stand up for 3-5 minute,let the coil soak up e-juice,what's more,customer need refill e-juice in time before the e-juice used up.

    Merry Christmas and happy holiday!
  • The Sony VTC4 batteries will work if they are authentic, the Atlantis at 4.2 volts only pulls 8-9 amps.

    The Joye eVic may or may not work because 0.5 and 30 watts is the limit on that device, due to manufacturing the Atlantis coils may be below 0.5 (say 0.4 ohms) in this case the eVic will fail to fire.

    The Aspire Subohm battery is also a great device!
  • Thank you both for answering so quickly on a holiday I appreciate it. I'm like 99% sure that the VTC4 battery is authentic. Because that's what came with the eVic. So what I'm gathering ig R
  • That's juts dud getting navcv
  • Thank you guys for reaponding so quickly on a holiday. I'm almost 99% sure that the VTC4's that I'm using are authentic. One of them came with my eVic Supreme and I purchased a spare with it which was all purchased directly from the Joytech USA website unless they are selling non-authentic batteries I feel confident that they are real. Right now I can't afford to purchase a new device but I do plan on getting one of the actual Aspire Subohm batteries that are actually made for the Atlantis at some point. But for right now these are the only high drain batteries I have. So the answer I've come to from both of your posts is that I should be using the Atlantis on my Smok BEC Pro and to steer clear of my eVic Supreme just to be safe. I have always kept my Mods in Volts mode because that's just simpler for me to understand and what I'm used to. Looks like I might have to start vaping in Watts mode with the Atlantis so I can make sure I'm hitting at least 20W and not going over 30W. Besides the VTC4 batteries are there any other batteries you could recommend? (I'm referring to removable batteries not an actual device like the Aspire Subohm battery mentioned earlier because they can run cheaper than the $40-$45 Aspire device) Is a VTC5 better? I'm dying to fill this thing up and get going but like I said before the last thing I want to do is ruin it right out of the box. Again thank you guys so much for your help! I've gotten more answers to my questions from you than I have doing research online lol
  • Aspire also makes the CF Mod which takes 18650 batteries.

    Without going into extreme detail, to sum it up... the Sony VTC4 works better in mechanical mods and the VTC5 works better in box mods.
  • Thanks again for the advice. I filled the tank and started using it yesterday with the BEC Pro using the VTC4's and it works GREAT! This has got to be the best tank I've ever used! Love the smooth thick vapor and I thought my juice tasted good before but the Atlantis seems to make the flavors more pronounced! I set it to Power Mode at 20W and it seems to work perfectly. Again thanks to both of you! ;o)
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