Can't unscrew top off mini tank

I bought a brand new mini tank but it will not come apart so that I can fill it.
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  • Dear Customer,
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    We suggest the use of soft lint free gloves or cloth, much like
    those used to clean eye-glasses, to help with the disassembly so
    that you do not scratch the glass tank. We also advise the application of
    just a few drops of e-liquid along both the sealing silicone and rim of
    the glass tank before using, which will help to ensure a solid leak free seal exists
    during usage, and would enable you to unscrew and detached the bottom half
    for refilling with greater ease and a less likelihood of damaging the
  • You may have to really work it to take it apart the first time. When you put it back together after your first fill up, I always drop a little liquid onto the large silicon o-ring, this will make taking it apart again much easier.
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