problem with bdc replacement coils

I own 4 nautilus tanks 1 full size and 3 mini. I noticed the bdc would only last up to a day. Once I tried the bvc they were much better. All the local stores were sold out of the bvc so I went back to the bdc. They are terrible . I've gone through 10 in just a few days. (Between me and my wife) . They usually work fine with the first tank but on the second tank they burn out and taste bad. The last one was the worst. It seems like they don't wick fast enough. I don't run the voltage very high and the juice is a 50/50 mix. I've gotten a week + out of a bvc so it's not the way I use them. I've been vaping for 7 months and no how to use my gear. I usually don't complain about things but the last coil was so bad it made me sick to my stomach. I don't know if you might have had a bad batch. And I did check code on the box for authenticity.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you very much for buying our products and sincerely sorry for the problems of coils.
    Yes we have really redesigned the coils and we have used new wicks on BVC coils with high-tech material and technology, the taste will be purer, life will be more long than the old ones.
    Aspire team are now trying best to provide better and better products, wish we can get your kindly support, thank you very much!
    What's more,we are now upgrading the BVC coils,it will has two gears,which will avoid transformation when the coils screw into the base hardware.The upgrading BVC coils will publish next month.Please pay attention to our website.
    If it is not convenient for you to buy the BVC coils from the local stores,you can buy the BVC coil on our online
    Thank you!
  • The BDC coils do not last as long as the BVCs, you are not doing anything wrong.
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