Package not due for delivery

Is everything alright? That "Package not due for delivery" is worring me
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  • FedEx does that all the time for priority packages. Basically it could have shipped Saturday but due to their politics they are holding it for Monday delivery.
  • sorry guys but I'm still getting issues with my delivery

    the tracking says delivered, which is not true and obviously impossibile.
    I hope that's a system glitch or an human error. So, again, should I be worried?
  • Look around any doors to your house. Due to the increased number of packages being shipped this time of year, the divers may drop off and "hide" the package near a door (so it won't be seen from the street and stolen).

    If no package can be found, contact FedEx, immediately. As it is them who had the package last.
  • sorry Guz but this is impossible, simply because saturday package was in Shenzhen, sunday is no working day, so it's impossible it has arrived here, in south italy.
    DHL made this route: starting - beijing - frankfurt - zurich - Bari - Monopoli
    instead, FedEx did not
    how could that be possible?
    Furthermore, delivery was signed by this "S.ZHON".
    Who the hell is this guy?
    Please Aspire, I know it's not your fault, but please, help me!
  • My only hope is that this Mr S.ZHON is an Aspire staff member who was committed to transfer the package to me.... Otherwise, I have no clue of what happened
  • Looks like FedEx really dropped the ball on that. Have you tried calling FedEx yet?
  • I'll do it tomorrow
  • So I called Fedex Customer Service.
    My package was sent back to the sender because
    "it didn't make through security check, due of the batteries and lack of documentation about them"

    I guess Aspire team is gonna send that back again...
    I'll wait here for news, Aspire!
  • Oh man, that just sucks.
  • Actually it's reasonable, they had a huge amount of stuff to send after the lucky Wednesday giveaway, so... mistakes happen. I just have to wait a little bit more. Hope they answer ASAP.
  • You should send a PM to "Support" on the forum here in case they overlook it, unless you're already in touch with Aspire.

    Sorry to hear
  • Seems like I got a new delivery and a tracking number, so they fixed that.
    I'll give you a comfirm asa I get my hands on my long-waited Atlantis.
    Thanks everyone who supported and helped me :)
    Merry Christmas everyone!
  • Finally arrived today, and finally vaping with my so-long-waited atlantis :)
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