Rubber Seal Gasket Cleaning - Nautilas Mini

How do I safely remove the bottom rubber seal gasket for cleaning? Mine is getting colored and when I push down on it e juice squeezes out from underneath it.

I am afraid to tear/cause damage to it when removing it, or putting it back in place after cleaning.
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  • Just pull it up using a small flathead screwdriver, it is hard to tear that big sealing gasket.

    It is good to remove that large gasket once a month and clean it, you can also buy replacement gaskets really cheap from Aspire.
  • Or a toothpick works well. Start at the top, around the center where the coil goes. Slid it down till it bottoms out, then sweep to the outside and lift it up, then rotate.

    Putting it back on is way easy. Just make sure that it seats completely inside the outer lip of the base unit. I just use the glass tank by itself to make sure everything is in it's right place.

    Sadly once it get's discolored, it stays. I tried several things, including bleach (out of curiosity). It's jut the nature of the gasket.

    But as Joseph said, they are cheap $1.00 USD. I would recommend ordering a couple of them, some extra coils (to make sure you get authentic), or maybe the hollowed out tank for the mini (it really is attractive) to justify the shipping costs.
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