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I've sent 3 emails already and have yet not received a reply. I set up an account with store and placed an order. I am not able to log back in to check status or purchase more items. I clicked on FORGOT PASSWORD several times. Each time it says an email with new password has been sent, but I never get an email. I checked all my folders, still no email. Can someone from admin help me to log back in to my account?
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  • Dear Anthonym,
    Please check our system mail on your email spam folder.
    Sometimes,the mail will be intercepted to email spam folder.
    Here is the link to tell customers how to place order on our online store:
    Have a nice day!
  • Hi Jinnis,

    I don't believe you understood my question. I registered with the aspire store. I placed my order and paid with paypal. Now I am unable to log back in to my aspire store account. I want to get into my account so I can verify if my order shipped and place another order. I can't do this. Here is the info I have from my paypal. Can you tell me if my order shipped and tracking info?
    Invoice ID: 12930-1418740437-[Aspire]
    Date: Dec 16, 2014
    Time: 06:34:01 PST
    Status: Completed
  • Hi Jinnis,

    Please disregard my last email. Just managed to get a new password. Thank you for support!
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