aspire nautilus mini burnt coil!!

ive had this product for 4 days and now both coils it came with are burnt ( itchy throat when inhaling and little vapor) this is UNBELIEVABLE i thought buying a high quality tank like this will finally solve my problem with burning coils. i use 1.8 ohm, 18mg nic strong menthol(subzero) on the aspire vv battery 3.7 v. i used roughly 6-8 ml combined on both coils over 4 days. please give me solutions
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  • Hi,
    Would you please check the security code on our website first to make sure if it is a original product?
    What wattage did you use?
    What kind of e-juice did you use?(The proportion of the PG:VG).
    Did you screw the coils into the hardware tightly and correctly according to the manual?
    Thank you!
  • General things to try:

    Lower the voltage on your battery (if possible).
    Use a larger aperture on the air flow valve.

    By using a larger aperture on the air flow valve will allow more air to flow over the coil to keep it cool and prevent burning. The same goes for lowering the voltage, for keeping the coil cooler.

    It takes a bit of trial and error of the two combinations to get things the way you like it. I went through my first coil rather quickly playing around to find the "sweet spot" that produces adequate vapor, taste, and not burning through the coils. It is also dependent on the e-juice. So keep in mind that changing brands, flavors, etc. will require a bit of adjustments.

    So try the lowest voltage that you can on your setup, and start with the largest aperture (1.8mm). Then work down on the aperture. If it gets to hard to draw, or not enough vapor, go back up on the apertures. Then start increasing the voltage, slowly, to get the desired amount of vapor and taste.

    I have found just sitting around inside and vaping, and then going outside to vape, requires some fine adjustments to aperture size and voltage.

    Personally with the juice I use, I keep my battery at 3.3V, and use the 1.8mm aperture with lung hits. Mouth hits, I drop down to 1.1 or 1.4mm aperture when sitting around. Outside, I increase the voltage to around 3.6V-3.7V

    I know I've hit the sweet spot when I minimize the "popping" of the juice to just the end of the hit.

    But everyone is different. So experiment!
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