Rubbery Taste on BVCs after 5 days

Both my girlfriend and I have a 5ml Nautilus Tank. For me, the coils (BVCs) last about two weeks, but for her they last 4 to 5 days, then start to taste like burnt rubber, like the rubber o-ring is getting cooked. We swapped tanks, and she still gets 4 to 5 days max, and I still get about two weeks.

Both tanks were verified authentic on the website. We use juice that is 70/30 VG/PG, and I thought perhaps this was the problem, but then I thought, if it were the juice, it should be happening to me as well. This has happened with at least 6 straight coils (also verified authentic) so it isn't a case of just one bad pack.

She used hers on an MVP 2.0. She recently got an iStick, and the issue happens on both devices. I use a Vamo V5, and an IPV2. She is usually around 9W tops, and I am at 11W. Again, if it's the power, this should be happening to me, but it isn't. I could understand if one device was the cause, but it is odd that this happens to her on the MVP and the iStick.

Can it be a usage thing? She is probably on hers more than I am on mine, but she doesn't actually chain vape. Are there any other reasons why this might happen on two different tanks for her, but those same tanks work fine for me on my devices?

Please, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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  • It sounds like the liquid she is using... are you both vaping the same brand and flavor?

    A liquid with high sweetener or certain flavors such as "gummy" flavors clog up coils much quicker.
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