possible fake nautilus

I recently purchased a Nautilus on sale from a well respected ECF vendor website (nameless until i have a chance to talk to them). I was aware of problems with copycats and i own an authentic mini so i did a quick lookover as well as checking the security code. The code checked out and the tank i received looked completely legit (none of the weird fonts stuff on the box, holographic seal, knurling on the top cap is a perfect match, etc). figuring i was all good i put the tank into service. It has performed exactly as expected, including the minor gurgling issue reported with the BDC heads (easily sorted via airflow and working perfectly for 2 days). Today i looked at the news item posted about the copycats and saw for the first time that they had plastic trays vs the pressboard of authentics. Sure enough mine has a smooth plastic tray (it isn't textured like the pics another person posted but it IS plastic) and not the pressboard one like my mini has. Upon a MUCH closer inspection of the device i noticed a couple very subtle differences. The 510 pin isn't fixed like others had mentioned but the spring is much stiffer than my mini. Also, the trim ring and drip tip have a very lightly brushed finish vs the fully polished finish of my authentic. When i did the initial lookover i assumed the slight differences were just due to minor improvements made to the mini's.(If this thing is a copycat they did one hell of a job because it is extremely hard to notice these differences without a VERY close inspection.)

The serial number on the side of the box is 20140207201174. I am not going to post the security code publicly prior to a response from both vendor and aspire to avoid issues with people spamming it lol. I have pictures but haven't transferred them yet so can't post tonight. Can you please verify whether my tank is authentic based on serial number? I should be able to supply pictures tomorrow if needed and will give a moderator the security code upon request.
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