bvc leaking bad

I use to stand by aspire and used them many times but the bvc coils are junk no matter what batteries i use the constantly leak i am wasting more juice than i am consuming tje store that i get my stuff from has replaced three packs of bvc coils and i even went as far as to buying a new battery but still leaking. I will no longer buy aspire products cause from what i have read on these posts is that your company leaves it up to the store to replace or solve customer issues and you dont want to help rwplace your crappy products
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  • Dear Customer,
    Of course we will be responsible for every our product, so we have required all of our direct distributors to send the replacement once finding defect, and when the dealer find their aspire are with quality issues, they should at first go to the distributors where they bought it to exchange.And we will send all the replacements to our direct distributors. This is the general procedure of our after-sale service.
    We suggest our customer to buy our products from us directly or from our authorized seller,not only for safety,but also for fast after-sale.

    Have a nice day!
  • Good luck getting them to rectify the situation. I have gone back and forth for days about various issues with a 5 pack I bought. Then I was given nothing more than a 20% off for a purchase of 20$ or more. I have to risk buying a second faulty pack to simply receive a discount on my faulty packs replacement? Outstanding customer service guys. Belly up and take some responsibility for once.

    Given this latest post I would like to say they enjoy making up warranty rules as a new problem with a product arises.
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