Im about to make a purchase of the new Atlantis plus sub ohm battery,but im also ordering a nautilus mini kit and some other bits,im in the uk and have ticked free shipping,but wondering if everything will be sent together,or mini kit and other items sent first as the Atlantis wont be shipped until the 15th.

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  • Dear Customer,
    Thanks for supporting Aspire.
    If you order both Atlantis and Nautilus mini kit,
    Generally all the goods will be sent together on 15th.Nov.
    If you want to recieve the Nautilus mini kit, you can make 2 different orders.
    What do you think? :)

    Thanks & Best Regards!
  • no its,ok,i already have my big nautilus so no real rush for the mini,i was just curious:).

    Ill order them now,was waiting for reply just so i knew.

  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for kind understanding.
    Have a nice day!
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