Aspire Nautilus Starter Kit Charger Issues

I received my Aspire Nautilus Starter Kit last week. It is genuine, I checked the code. The US Standard Adapter is making a humming/buzzing noise when it's plugged in for charging. The green light on the usb charger is very dim, even when using my computer to charge the battery. I will often get a green light when I plug in the battery, even though I know it's not fully charged. If I plug the battery into my older generic charger, I get a red light and it charges. Could something be faulty with the adapter and usb charger?
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Where did you get your products from? From us directly or our authorized seller?
    So strange problem.We passed your problem to our engineer ,they fell very shocked.
    Would you please send your problem to our,our service will deal with your problem.
    They need belowing information:
    First, the security code
    Second,would you please take some clear pictures of your products(1.a picture for the security code and 3D sticker,please make sure it have obvious 3D effect.2.a picture for the packaging inside the box,which hold the tank,a picture for your adapter and USD charger)
    Third,would you please to use another adapter to have a try,does it also making humming/buzzing noise?
    Have a nice day!

    Would you use another adapter to have it try,it also makes humming/buzzing noise
  • It's a high pitch whine from the switching regulator in the AC adaptor. I've run across this before in other switching regulators vs Linear regulators. I get the loudest whine when the AC adaptor is plugged into the outlet without a battery connected, but it quiets down when a battery is connected for charging.

    It interesting that the Aspire AC adapter makes a faint beeping noise as the LED switches back and forth from red to green on the USB adapter.

    I never thought much about it, since I've always heard high pitch noises from other electrical devices.
  • I'm having the exact same problem. Light, sounds, everything. Real high pitch noise. Our dog definitely does not like. I will send email as stated above. Hope they can fix the issue. It could have been just a bad day on the assembly line.
  • Dear Customer,
    Sorry for delaying your post!
    Our service have passed this problem to our chief engineer last week.
    We have a special design to protect our battery,when it meets with current wave,it will makes a humming/buzzing noise.You can also get similar noise from other brand of adopter.
    Our engineer department will analyze this problem,we will constantly improve our product to provide customer a perfect experience.
    For "If I plug the battery into my older generic charger, I get a red light and it charges."This is because every brand charger have set different current standard for full charge,it is the same as the charger for our mobile phone
    Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Have a nice day!
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