Received wrong item.

I received the wrong item when I made a purchase on Wednesday 29 October, 2014. Order #201404944 was suppose to contain 3 Rubber Seal Gaskets, instead I received 3 connector and insulated rings. How can we make this right?
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  • Dear Customer,
    I am afraid that you make the wrong items.
    Order #20140494
    you orderes 3 xAspire Nautilus accessories
    - Accessories: Connector and insulated ring 05
    Pls noted and check.

    Best Regards!
  • Order # 201405439 I ordered two Nautilis Mini tank bases. I received two large tank bases. I do not mind sending back these two to be replaced with the mini tank bases, but I do not own the large tank! I had a very difficult time navigating your website and it took several tries before I was able to complete my order. I love my mini tank and just need two bases, please. Thank you in advance for helping me to correct this situation. My order (that I have checked) does not specify size, but I know I clicked on the mini tank base.
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