Aspire: Help warn people about fake coils!!

Aspire: Please make a warning to customers regarding fake coils. Not enough new vapers are aware. High definition example pictures comparing genuine from fakes or ways to identify real from fake besides the box. There should be a banner across your(everyone's)website. Most leaking and burnt complaints should go away too. Please raise awareness. It will only take one hospitalization from a fake to damage the reputation of the company and the publics perception of vaping.
Three of my coworkers who bought aspire nautilus minis(after trying mine)have had dead coils, burnt taste, poor smoke and flavor, etc. The worst one being a wife's whose juice turned suddenly black and began to leak all the juice out. I hate to think what the fakes are using for the "ceramic wick"...The stories the same each time. First two(in box) are fine but the 5 pick that came with or was seperatly bought are terrible.
Unfortunately people who experience these issues, who are not aware, blame aspire. This upsets me to no end. Besides being dangerous, it is ruining the reputation of the company and the product.
Please shop at a reputable estore. I have only had genuine coils and NEVER had leaking, burnt or bad taste issues.
-aspire fanboy
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