Idea for fixing spitting phenomenon(spit up)

My Atlantis is excellent and I recommend aspire to everyone I know. My only complaint is the spitting up of hot liquid. This is an issue that can cause me to choke and sometimes it painful if it's extra hot. I have started to smoke with my tongue up to block it for now but can still feel it.
I trust your company is hard at work fixing any issues and love that you are in contact with consumers but here are two ideas for your team to experiment with.

My suggestion for a fix is this:
Option one is to make the mesh screen cover the top of the foil entirely instead of the donut shape it currently is in. This may have issues of its own however, like collecting and being inhaled but hopefully it will be reabsorbed. I plan on testing this option by removing the screen from an old coil, cutting it to shape and putting the screen underneath the driptip. I will let post again with results.

Option two is to have a secondary screen* that floats** above the first one. This floating screen would be the size of the inside of the donut. This would catch spitting without affecting air flow.
*or solid depending on whether or not it hinders airflow
** anchored to the coils chamber wall
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