Aspire BDC Mini - Wheres the full flavor??

So I recently bought this from a retailer (World of Vaper or Vaper World one of the two names in Indianapolis) and I kinda hate it. But I want to make sure that something isn't just wrong with it.
Im new to vaping but this tank is not my first tank. Don't know what the old one was called but that one had a coil that had the little wicks coming out on the lower sides of the coil. The ?new coil, as you know does not have the wick for the BDC.
Now my question is, why is the flavor so light in this new tank? Im vaping a Cinnamon flavor that was very powerful in my old tank and with this tank I barely get the flavor!! And its been like that since I got the Aspire tank.
Just want to make sure im not crazy and something isn't right. Im going to try a new coil in a few days but wanted some Professional insight.

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