Having problems.

I've bought 2 of the 5 sets Nautilus replacement atomizer (bvc) The first 5 I had 2 that worked, and then later ordered another 5 and zero of them worked. Every time i put one in it taste like burnt popcorn, so I've been using the same coil that worked in the first purchased 5 set. Are they defects or what?
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  • Dear Customer,
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    You can first to check the security code on our website.
    Second please make sure there is mesh inside the coils,the shape of the mesh must very orderliness and sit in the middle.
    What is the resistance of the coils?
    What kind of battery did you use? What wattage and voltage did you use?
    What is the proportion of the PG:VG?
    Have a nice day!
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