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I have had 3 aspire nautilus and have had no problems with them. I ordered an atlantis last week and got it in about 3 days ago and it doesn't work at all. I think the problem is the metal tip that makes the connection from the battery to the coil is not coming into contact with the battery. I have 2 batteries by other companies and 2 of the aspire vv batteries. I have tried all of these with the atlantis and it does nothing.
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  • The Atlantis will NOT work with the Aspire VV batteries, or Ego Twist type batteries.

    The Atlantis is a Sub OHM tank, the VV batteries will think the tank is shorted out and not fire. With the Ego Twist type batteries, they may fire the coil, but the Atlantis will pull to many Amps and you might destroy the battery.

    You need a battery that is designed for Sub OHM coils/tanks. The Aspire CF SubΩ or CF MOD battery holder (battery not included) are designed to work with the Atlantis tank.
  • That is the battery protection keeping you from melting the battery in your hand... please buy the Subohm battery.
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