having a issue with bvc coils tank or something

so my girlfriend has a little plastic pink clearomizer tank had a bdc coil in it that was removable and it kicked butt the thing didn`t give a bad taste or have one hiccup in two months . so I was totally sold on your products I had to keep stealing her tank because it worked so good. so I went out and bought a k1 bvc glassomizer it worked flawless first couple days now I am drinking juice and the thing is bubbling I have tried a few things like sticking a thin rolled paper towel up the tube to dry it out a little and firing it upside down but it keeps coming back . the same thing happened with my girl friends tank yesterday and I changed out the coil this was after only a couple days use then today hers started doing it again today . I have checked the scratch here numbers all original products any idea whats going on ? any help would be appreciated
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  • Dear Customer,
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    Have you check the security code of your coils?
    What is the resistance of your coils?
    What kind of battery did you use? What wattage and voltage did you use?
    What is the proportion of the PG:VG?
    Have a nice day!
  • I have good security code on both the bvc coils I bought and my k1 tank
    I am using the 1.6 coils
    I am using a ego batteryd 650 mAh 3.7 constant
    I am using 70 pg to 30 vg ratio.

    my tank seems to be heating up on outside a good bit not burn you hot but very warm I honestly feel like the problem is with the top seal of the coil because it doesn`t seam to be flooding when the juice goes below that point either that or the tank I have the tube that goes into that seal isn`t making a good seal on it .

    I have gone as far as trying to line the holes up with the metal pieces inside the k1 to slow down the juice flow . I even took and unscrewed the coil alittle to see if it just wasn`t making it all the way up to the tube to seal . I did notice that the coil in the first aspire tank we had that made us want to purchase this new stuff only had to feed holes in it and the bvc coils I have are 4 hole .

    one other little theory I had was the wick material might not be holding back the juice or that 4 holes might be little to much flow either way I am pretty bummed all the stuff worked great first couple days like 2 and now it doesn`t seem to matter if I put new coils in either of the tanks we have or use a fresh charged battery dry out the inner tube with paper towel rolled up any fix last for about a puff or two then it sounds like I am blowing bubbles threw a straw into a drink
  • o and the first tank we bought that made us buy more had the 2 hole 1.8 ohm coil in it I believe it was the bdc tank has a black tip on end and is tapered small pink tank worked flawless until the coil was changed to the bvc coil
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    We are sorry that we don't really understand what you said.
    Would you please take some pictures or video to show your problem?
    Have a nice day!
  • if I fill the tank where the juice level inside is above the top of the coil it floods inside the coil . I don't really know how to take a picture of it, the k1 tank has metal in the way of showing where it seals to the top of coil
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    The capacity of the k1 glassomizer is 1.5mL,when refill,the e-juice can not exceed the rounded pole(the little hole inside the tank).
    What's more,there is Wick in the coils to absorb e-juice,if there is no e-juice come into the coils,the tank can not work.
    Have a nice day!
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