Atlantis Clones on Fasttech ... learomizer

Above is what appears to be a clone being produced and sold on Fasttech of the Atlantis. Not sure if it can be trusted.
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  • Nothing on Fast Tech is legit. :lol:

    I don't understand why people waste their money there... you blow half the cost of a real product and get total trash.
  • Well, at least they admit it's copy and it doesn't have the Aspire name engraved on it. At least this way, people can't come here and complain about it. ;)
  • Can't say it is all bad clones on there but it is a very big risk. Bought a rose clone on there and it was pretty good quality first production clone but the 2nd was trash(friend got one :mrgreen: ) I would never buy a clearomizer on there that is a clone. Just pointless.
  • They work really great... I'm pretty sure Aspired don't mill and machine their own parts. The 3rd party parts factory don't care...
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