How can I report a shop selling fakes?


Some time ago I bought a Nautilus Mini which was in fact a fake, in a shop nearby.
How can I report it to Aspire and what can the do about it?

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  • Aspire will not be able to do anything. Here is what YOU can do to stop counterfeit merchandise...

    1) File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against the company. ( ... et-started)

    2) File a report to your State Attorney General (Google it for your State)

    3) File a report with the Federal Trade Commission (

    4) You should also use social media to get the word out locally.

    These 4 things will ruin a shops reputation and definately make them think twice about ordering merchandise from untrustworthy cheap suppliers in the future, after they get assualted by all 3 government and consumer protection groups.

    The most important factor here is who knows what their wicking material is made from and how it was handled prior to you inhaling liquid from it... :shock:
  • As a seller of vaping items both on ebay and a website, I would say talk to the vendor. They may not have known they were fake. We bought many items from China and some admit they are fake, some do not. We got stuck with 100 "Kanger" items, we bought them being told "of course they were real", only to find out they were not! Now we buy "Aspire items" from this Aspire website, but if we buy other items from a factory in China we make our listings as clones, since we don't know for sure. Don't be too hard the vendor just yet...he/she may not have known they were fake.
  • We have posted some copycat manufactures here:
    Please far away from them.
  • I agree do not go trashing someone business as they may have not known they are fakes. How would bring the matter to the owner of the shop and if the owner wants to buy a cheaper product. I would suggest having shop at FastTech as they would not pass a product as authentic, but as a clone.

    If the product was purchased from China there is nothing the BBB or the federal trade commission can do any way. If the Federal trade Commission would not allow it they would ban all sales from FastTech,DHGate, and AliExpress or any China online retailer to the US. Plus these same manufactures most likely manfacture them for these companies anyway. :D
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