FAKE product?

Hello there,

I'm from the Netherlands, and i've ordered some Aspire products from zwoofs.nl.

Is that website a official seller of your products?

I would like to refer to this picture, where you can see if it's a real product or not: http://imgur.com/Kewj0E2

I've ordered 2 things, the Aspire ET-S + Aspire BDC coils.

The BDC coils came in a Aspire box, but there was no scratch code on there. I've asked them why, they said that this batch is from a old order, and back then Aspire didn't have scratch codes, it's only for the last 6 month's or so.

The Aspire ET-S that i've ordered, was packed into plastic, not a box. And the coil that was in there, looks like the FAKE one on the picture. It didn't had the Aspire name on it. It is exactly like on the picture above (the fake one). Does this normally come in a box?

Can you please tell me if these items are fake, and also tell me why they are fake. So i can tell the seller.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!Answer you question one by one.
    This company is not our authorized seller.
    For BDC series five pack coils,the scratch code implemented from the end of March,2014.
    But aspire logo is always on the box,on the coils ,on the pack.
    For ET-S clearomizer, the scratch code is on the ET-S Kit box(one pack with a ET-S and two coils)or the five pack package of ET-S.If you just buy one ET-S,you can not see it.
    Have a nice day!
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