Aspire CF vv **3 Weeks Old** Not working correctly

Hello, I purchased this set up about 3 weeks ago and everything worked fine until yesterday. The orange light came on and I plug it into the wall. I fell asleep 7hr and say on the charger the green light was on however the blue light on the batter was on, it didn't turn off. I laid there for a few more minutes and the batter did something I had never seen before. It began to blink orange and blue over and over.

Then I take the batter off the charger and connect to my Aspire tank, I only got 3 pulls before the button went orange. I drove to work, (20min drive) plug the battery into the charger and the charger light is red, and the battery light is orange again.

The retailer will not exchange and to me this battery is obviously defective. Do I have any recourse when I've purchased defective products of yours?
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    First please check the security code of your battery to make sure it is original.
    When you put the battery to the charger then to the wall,did the battery flash or not?If flash, How many times did it?
    Did you use our original charger?
    After checked with our engineer,for your problem,the connector not connect well,the first charge is not really success .When connect the battery to the charge then to the wall,please make sure the battery will flash three times,the light on the charger is red,the LED button on the battery is light.
    Have a nice day!
    Have a nice day!
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