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hi everyone..

aspire nubee here.
i ordered a couple of nautilus tanks and bottom accessories earlier in the week.
immediately following making the order, i sent an email (through contact page.. cuz there was no telephone number provided.. :( )asking that my order be upgraded to include a few of their drip tips, as i forgot to include them with my order.

it has been a few days, and i have not heard back from anyone, about anything... no order confirmation, no reply about upgrading my order... nothing..!!!

would someone please get back to me.

ps.. it would be very helpful if there was telephone support, because we can mot rely on hearing back on our emails.

thanks a lot,
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  • Dear Michael,
    Really sorry for the late reply.
    Your order was shipped on 10th,Dec.
    So we cannot add the drip tips to this order.
    Pls noted.
    Tracking number was sent to your email.
    Pls check.
    Any questions, you can contact me.
    This is Abby.
    Tel:+86 13530415321

    Best Regards!
  • thank you Abby... i never received the confirmation email. is it possible to resend..??

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