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First, please verify that you have an authentic product (see: Authenticity).

If you feel that your Aspire product is defective, please contact the place of purchase for warranty exchange/refund. As it is the dealer/resellers responsibility to honor warranty issues. If the dealer/reseller won’t honor the written warranty, let us know and we will revoke their qualifications for resell Aspire products.

If you purchased directly from the Aspire Store, please contact [email]abby@aspire.com[/email] with your order number and description of what you feel is the defect.
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  • Hi there,
    My name Is Ron Sundby. I purchased the ASPIRE ESP 30 W MOD TODAY FOR 69.99.. It worked great for awhile and I loved it, However it stopped adjusting the voltage. And wont work. So I took it back to the store right away with my reciept. And they said there is nothing they can do for me. And I have asked and looked for every way to find out how to get a replacement or something and can get no answers. Very frustrated...
    Would really appreciate either getting a replacement or money back. As this is unreal.

    Thanks Ron
  • @rsundby Please take a clear short video to show your problem to our service:service@aspirecig.com

  • I think the shop where he bought it should do his warranty job.
    Ron, I don't know in which country you live, but you must have consumers laws protecting you from this kind of "pros".
  • same here, product worked great for about 2 months and then the battery stopped working for no reason, tried to take it back to the shop but they said that there is nothing they can do for me... so frustrating ...please advice i am in Canada
  • @mj2117 can you post the name and city where the shop is? It's one I'd like to stay away from.
  • I purchased a Triton tank from a local shop and they claim it is classed as a 'disposable item' and will not cover any warranty after 24hours. Is this legal?
    I'm in the UK
  • well it kind of depends on what the problem is and what resolution you're asking for - however the "sale of goods act" should cover you if there is a defect in the product.

    What's the problem and what did you ask the store? What exactly was their response?

    I can't say for certain without knowing more (trading standards are the folk to check for a more certain answer) - but it doesn't sound legal, however as stated - it all depends on the situation and what's happened so far
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