VG Ratios with BVC’s

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VG Ratios with BVC’s

With the new Nautiluses BVC’s, it is recommended that you use e-juices that use < 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) to get the most out of your Bottom Vertical Coils.

Acceptable ratios of PG/VG:

With the new Atlantis BVC's Aspire has extended the VG ratio up to 100% VG. But only with the Atlantis Bottom Vertical Coils.
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  • A common misconception is that 50/50 liquid will always work. The blend of VG at 50/50 can vary between brands from many different factors such as if the vendor used distilled water to cut the VG for example.

    50/50 liquid may not always feed successfully in the Nautilus style coils... and extra priming measures should be taken.
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