How safe are the BVC’s?

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How safe are the BVC’s?

Over the past few months, the subject of our Bottom Vertical Coils has become a growing topic of interest among our customer community. Specifically, the questions of “what is the material that you use in the construction of your BVC coils?” or “are they healthy to the user?” has been asked numerous times. So here for the benefit of all, is the low down on our BVC coils.

Aspire uses a ceramic fiber which is placed around the heating coil during its construction, which has undergone and passed rigorous SGS certification, and is both nontoxic and heat resistant. This ceramic material is, of course, exclusively researched and developed by the Aspire Company, and is only accessible by our manufacturing company, Shenzhen Eigate Technology Co., Ltd.

Aspire value our customer’s safety and concern, and welcome these questions to help assure you of our levels of safety and consideration. But, although Aspire does work hard to guarantee the safety of our products, we cannot guarantee the quality or indeed the safety of the many counterfeit companies who work to imitate our products and materials. Because of this, BVC coils obtained from fake/non-authentic suppliers/manufacturers may be toxic and/or may not be able to endure the high temperatures of the original. So we urge you to please buy smart and buy safe, keep authentic and stay healthy.

You can always be assured that you are buying authentic by using the Asprie Store

Please download the SGS Certificate (PDF) for more information.
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  • Are the coils in the Atlantis made with silica? Silica particulates are just as dangerous as asbestos... Causes silicosis in the lungs. I've read the particulates in the Atlantis coils are 2 microns. Very small to the eye but too large for the alveoli in the lungs to expel and are like small shards of glass that cut the alveoli in the lung. Why wouldn't you use organic cotton as other companies do to ensure the products safety. The safety certificates displayed are only addressing chemical compounds not silica.
    Please explain in laymens terms so we feel safe to vape using these coils.

    Thank you

    A concerned registered Nurse and aspire Atlantis user
  • Thanks very much for the concern and information.
    But we need to clarify that there is not shards of glass silica you mentioned in our coils material, before using the material, we did thousands of tests to confirm the safety. We also use our products we sold.
    About the details of our coil,please refer here:

    Have a nice day!
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