Burnt Taste with BVC’s

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Burnt Taste with BVC’s

This can be caused by not waiting long enough for the e-juice to properly wick into the ceramic mesh wick with a new coil. Or using a too high of a VG ratio e-juice (not including the new Atlantis coils).

After filling, and reassembling of the tank, let the tank sit upright for 5 minutes. You can speed up the process by taking a couple of draws without pressing the battery firing button. But please wait the recommended time of 5 minutes to assure proper wicking of the e-juice though the mesh material.

Another cause, is when you use up all the e-juice in your tank. Please refill your tank when the e-juice gets to the lowest mark on your tank (1ml on the Nautilus, 0.5ml on the Nautilus mini).

If you do use up all the e-juice in your tank, you can try refilling your tank and continue vaping. But it may not be as satisfactory as before. It is recommended that you replace your coil at that time.

If you still get a persistent burnt taste when vaping with your preferred e-juice, try lowering the voltage for the acceptable range (See "What Voltage Should I Use?"), and try a smaller opening on the Nautilus systems and wait longer between each use.

The final option is try a new coil.
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