About your Atlantis

I just recently purchased your Atlantis kit and it really works great, I was disappointed when they told me my provari nor my SID would fire my new atomized and had to purchase another mod, I did but not satisfied w bottom fire button. Will your Aspire CF MOD Battery fire it or should I look more into your sub ohm batteries? By the way love all your products, started w your smaller atomizers then nautilas
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  • The Aspire CF MOD, OR the CF SUBΩ battery is specifically designed to work with the Atlantis tank.
  • Since you have the ProVari, I'm sure you own 18650 batteries and a capable charger... so I would recommend the CF Mod. You will however need to make sure your batteries are at least rated for 20 amps to be safe. If you are not sure, just take some pictures or give me the information off the battery and I can help you.

    Alternatively, the CF Subohm is the exact same battery tube except it has a sealed end with a non-removeable 40 amp battery already installed and you must charge it with Aspire's USB charger.
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