Aspire Atlantis Sub ohm tank leaking issue !

I have the Atlantis Sub ohm tank and the CF sub ohm battery so they work great together.
but I noticed just a few days ago when I go to fill it with E-juice 50/50 16mg.
and I dont over fill it either.
when i got to screw the bottom of the tank together to the top.
and lay it down or tilt it side was when putting it back together it leaks a little E-juice through the airflow holes and it does not matter which size airflow holes cause its does it with all of them.
so I blow on it and gets the E-juice out of the airflow holes and works good.
but it does some times gurgle a little and spit E-juice up in to my mouth when in use.
and I don't take real huge vapes from it either.
I take some vapes cause this thing is a beast and you can take huge vapes to easy and get to much nicotine from it and make you sick or dizzy.
so you guys might want to work on this issue a little to perfect the tank even more.
but other then that the tank works great.
I am also going to get new E-juice that is lower in nicotine level for using this tank.
and so far I have not noticed the Atomizers burning out in 1 days use like the Aspire Nautilus tank Atomizers does.,
so I like the Atlantis more better cause of that and cause its more easier to vape from and the battery last for hours and hours.
so far I had my Aspire CF sub ohm battery last as long from 8 hours to 10 hours use on a full charge.
compare to other Ego battery's this battery is the best.
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  • Dear comdo99,
    Thank you very much for supporting aspire and giving us the using experience.
    We will pass your problem to our engineer.
    Please make sure that if the coil screwed to the base hardware tightly,If not,this kind of problem will happen.
    Every time of refilling,customer need to check the coil to make sure that if it screwed to the base hardware tightly
    Have a nice day!
  • As for liquid weeping out the air holes... make sure that the coil atomizer is fully screwed into the base hardware.

    One thing that is common with most tanks, is that the coil needs to "break in" a bit to stop the gurgling, spitting with your particular e-juice. If you have issue, remove the drip tip, cover the end with a tissue or paper towel, and holding FIRMLY on the battery, flick the unit away from you (hold on FIRMLY as you don't want anything flying across the room). Hopefully the excess liquid will be caught by the tissue. Replace the drip tip and try vaping again.
  • I have tried all of that and I can't stop it from spitting fluid.
  • I was having a really terrible problem with juice spitting in my Atlantis (I am using the aspire cf sub-ohm battery) and I found that the easiest way to fix it is lifting the mesh covering just slightly away from the coil. It was almost unusable with the gurgle/pop/spit till I figured that one out. If its pressed too low (especially if you swab for excess juice), the problem just gets worse. Higher VG seems to help though.
  • Hi Guys

    I am having the same problem with juice leaking out of the air holes. I have changed the coil but still happens. Leaks enough for the juice to collect underneath between the base of the Atlantis and the battery. I was informed this was a leak free system. It is very frustrating and messy! Not that impressed so far. :evil:
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