My atlantis is shit

So im very let down by the atlantis. first 2 coils lasted 3-4 days before they tasted terrible im on my 3rd coil now and my bottom got stuck on so i cant open it up to refil or swap coils. in the process of trying to get it unstuck the very bottom part came off and i lost the pin in the afc ring that makes it lock and clicky. yet its still stuck on so my atlantis is useless. i barely torqued it on at all. the threads are just shit. very let down by the quality of this tank. a useless tank for me right now. ive tried every way to take it apart but nothing. my next option is to break the tank and try that. really butthurt cause everyone was talking about how good this is and ive had nothing but problems
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  • ryan, it is suggested that you put 2 or 3 drops of liquid on the outer edges of the large bottom silicone o-ring. This will aid with sealing and make taking it apart MUCH easier.
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