Broken Atlantis Glass Tube

First off, I want to start by saying I have finally found the tank for me in the Aspire Atlantis, I started off using V2 products, moved to the Halo Triton series, then ego VV batteries with a Nautilus tank, and now Atlantis on a regulated Cloupor, and it is by far the best tank I have tried.

Sadly, yesterday my vape assembly fell out of my coat pocket and the glass tube shattered. Initially I was OK with it, happy to know I had also received the replacement tube with my purchase. However, once I cleaned the fluid off of everything and started to work on removing the glass bits, I found I cannot seem to get the glass pieces out of the top assembly, it broke in such a way that I have nothing to grab onto. I did a quick search through the forums here and found the posting that suggested shaking/wiggling it to loosen from the upper metal piece when the tube is intact, but I don't have any pieces to grip to try wiggling it out.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar, and if so did you manage to get the glass pieces out?

I will be buying a metal sleeve replacement tank in about a week or so, but I would really like to get this fixed if at all possible, I bought a second Atlantis to hold me over until I can get this one working again, any advice/insights would be greatly appreciated!
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