I recently bought the atlantis tank and i love it.I keep hearing stories of the ceramic wick falling into pieces and being inhaled.Are you going to do anything to fix this problem?I love the tank but not the idea of inhaling pieces of the wicking material.
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  • I keep hearing the same thing Brian. It is very disturbing. I have read about this issue on several forums and have not read anything positive.

    Aspire, has this issue been addressed and if not, will you be addressing this issue and when?

    BTW, I love the Atlantis and do NOT want to give it up but I may have too. I am running into other vapors who keeps trying to scare me about inhaling this wicking material. I'm at the point I do not want to even mention to another vapor that I love the Atlantis.

    Word of mouth is your best advertisement. Help us out here, please!

  • JUst asked the same question. I have put my Atlantis down until I Know for sure. ASPIRE WE NEED AN ANSWER!
  • I won't use a stock Atlantis coil. They're easy to rewick with cotton. The Atlantis rocks, but I'm afraid of the wicks.
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    There are many rumors that the material that we used.
    Here is the link to tell the truth of the material that we used:

    Have a nice day!
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