I am relatively a new vapor guy. I purchased 2 Aspire ET-S BDC clearomizers which came with 1.8ohm coils. I had issues with both coils and they failed within days (more on this at the end*). So I ordered replacement coils and noticed varying ohm options, 1.6 and 1.8ohms. Why the difference? Advantages/disadvantages? Can I use either or?

Inspired by the product line and customer service I went ahead and ordered the Aspire Premium kit consisting of nautilus mini and VV+ battery as well. The product descriptions states it comes with 1.8ohm BVC atomizers. But if you go to order replacement atomizers again you have the options of 1.6 and 1.8ohms.

Again same questions as above: Why the difference? Advantages/disadvantages? Can I use either or?


*Though disappointed in my initial coil failures, customer service quickly remedied that by providing a coupon (which when used covered the cost of the failed coils). Very satisfied that my loss was more than covered!!! Thank You!

Can't wait for my order to arrive.
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  • Welcome to vaping OB! The BVC coils are a much better than the BDC design, and a single BVC should last you at least 2 weeks. The BDCs should be lasting longer than a few days, I would suggest checking the scratch code to make sure they are real. Also what type of device are you using?

    As far as ohms go, here is a short version:

    Higher ohms:
    - Uses less liquid but produces less vapor
    - Drains your battery slower
    - Gives a cooler vape

    Lower ohms:
    - Uses more liquid but produces more vapor
    - Drains your battery quicker
    - Gives a warmer vape

    So you just need to take your pick, I always prefer lower ohms. You will love the Nautilus Mini, I am waiting for my CF VV+ batteries as well.
  • I was using a eGo C Twist battery with the BDC coil (clearomizer). I usually set my voltage at 3.8 - 4.0. I was using a new e fluid at the time and there is a possibility it vaps below 3.8 and I burnt out the coil (not sure, haven't tried the fluid again). I do tend to chain vap though... After I knew it was burnt (I could still get vap but the taste was not worth it) I decided to disassemble it out of curiosity. The side white ceramic fiber wall had a black mark on it.

    Thanks for the ohm knowledge!!! Much appreciated.

    By chance would you know if a BVC coil will fit/work in a Aspire ET-S BDC clearomizer?
  • BDC coils and BVC coils are interchangeable.

    The most likely reason you started getting the burnt taste was due to the chain vaping. This is a common occurance if you don't let the wicking of the liquid catch up, it will burn. Always give your coil a little time to re-wick to prevent this. The BVC coils wick faster than the BDCs in my experience.

    Also, the higher the VG the slower the wicking action. Once you get the Nautilus Mini and try it, you are going to trash those ET-S tanks :lol:
  • Joseph" said:
    BDC coils and BVC coils are interchangeable...
    Some clarification on this: the Nautilus BDC and Nautilus BVC coils are interchangable within the 2 sizes of Nautilus tanks. The BVC coils will NOT however work in your et-s tanks. The BDC coils in those are a completely different housing design and do not interchange.

    That said I agree with Joseph and think you will enjoy your premium kit. I bought the tank and CF battery seperately (before they were offered together as a premium kit) and i use both daily. They are well made and attractive bits of gear, you won't be disappointed.
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