When should I replace my coils?

I've almost gone thru one bottle of juice. All is working really well.
What are the signs that the coil is going bad?
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  • Dear Customer,
    Our suggestions as below for your reference.
    First,when you taste burnt vaping or the juice soak into your mouth,we think you need change the coil.
    Second,if you want pure and good vaping,it is good that you change the coil once a week.
    What's more,when you change different e-juice,you much change the coil,otherwise,it will affect the taste of vaping
    Thank you!
  • Usually your first sign will be a small decrease in vapor production after a week or two.
  • my 2 coils that came with the mini both burnt in 4 days, i put in a total of 4-6 ml .. i was expecting at least a week from these. i used it at 3.7 v usually taking 4-6 sec drags continuously, i read this may have caused gunk to build up. please give me some suggestions and solutions. i posted earlier but no one responded
  • Hi,
    Sorry for delay your post.
    Would you please check the security code on our website to make sure if it is original?
    What wattage did you use?
    Which kind of e-juice did you use?(The proportion of the PG:VG)
    Did you screw the coils into the hardware tightly and correctly according to the manual?
    Thank you!
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