Nautilus stainless tank wont fit

I purchased a stainless replacement tank for my nautilus. I am unable to use it because the upper hardware will not fit through the threaded part of the tank. Looking at it indicates that the threads on the screw part are slightly too large and the lower portion of the upper hardware (part that connects to coil) will not slide through it. Since these tanks cost $15 and my retailer will not replace opened goods I was hoping that aspire would replace the tank or upper hardware with ones that fit. I can provide video of the issue if you would like to contact me by email. Thanks for the help.
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  • WRX, did you get in touch with Aspire support?
  • I just recieved my replacement tank hollowed-out sleeve & my nautilus bottom piece would not fit, but I greased up the bottom piece with some e-juice & was able to screw it in.
  • It is a good suggestion,which is also applied to the upper hardware.thanks
  • It will fit, it's just a really snug fit! You have to give it a really hard push while screwing it in.
  • Once you get it together can you get it off again to fill?
  • I have tried with quite a bit of force and e-liquid lubricant and still can't get it to fit. I think I will use my Dremel and try and sand the threads down a little. I'll update if this works.
  • Hello,
    I have just purchased the Stainless steel replacement tank for the Large Nautilus (Original) and it simply won't fit.
    I took it back to local cape shop and they tried another SS tank and it did the same, they also tried with another Nautilus and it worked just fine, So it seems that mine has a larger stem on the inside unit.
    I got this unit about 2 months ago and checked the code to ensure authenticity.
    How do I get this fixed?

  • Dear Casey,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    All of our nauitlus and Stainless steel replacement tank are come from the same model,the stem on the inside unit are the same size.
    What's more,what does the "ss tank"mean?as we know,we don't have this replacement tank.
    Thank you and have nice day!
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