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I live in Switzerland and I would like to know if you are able to make your package look like it has been sent by a private person without any commercial inscription on it.
This means that my name and address should be written by hand writing and bear the mention gift.
This would prevent paying high import taxes.

As well, what is the value you mention on the parcels for orders of about $65 to $75 ?

Thank you.
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  • Dear Customer,
    First thank you for supporting Aspire. :)
    We can send the parcel to you.
    No need the hand writing
    First, you can choose Singpost, so we can send the parcel to you as a gift,but it will take 15-25 working days arrive :( .
    Second, DHL & UPS are also accepted.because we will lower down the price on the Invoice,you wont pay high import taxes.

    For orders of about $65 to $75, when you make this order,you can leave a comment how much we need to put on the invoice. :)

    Thanks and Best Regards!
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