Aspire Nautilus tank leaking

I have been vaping now for a few months and have gone through a few different tanks/batteries and highly enjoy vaping with aspire products. I bought a nautilus tank about 2 months ago. Shortly after the purchase I was experiencing problems with gurgling and bubbling below the coil and noticed that some how juice ends up getting down there and always required me taking it apart and drying it up. Ive now recently had the tank leaking so bad out of the air holes that I cant even use it anymore.

I have never dropped the vape (tank or battery) and am always careful with my products. A co-worker (who also owned the same tank) had the same problem and took his back to the local store who sold us these (vapemeet, ontario, canada). They had no problem replacing his saying it must be a manufacturers defect and they gave him a mini nautilus as a replacement. Feeling relieved that they had honored the product and gave him a replacement (btw I know about 6 people with the mini nautilus with no complaints whatsoever) I decided to see if I could have mine replaced. They refused.
I am very disappointed in this store now and will not be back. Since then I have purchased a nautilus atlantis with the sub ohm battery from a different vape store and once again love the aspire products. The atlantis is superb.

Now I know I have the atlantis now but i still enjoyed vaping my nautilus with the istick and being able to switch between the two. Is there anyway I can get a replacement or service as it is not that old and have not damaged it.

Thank you
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