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Dear Aspire's customers,
We at Aspire value the support we provide with our customer service, something that we believe enjoys success through evolution and growth. This can be readily found and experienced through the use of our support pages and the posts therein. If you are unable to find the answers you seek and would like to contact our support service directly, then you are welcome to do so by use of the attachment form.
Please fill in the information and send to use via email:[email protected], and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.if you don't act according to our service rules,we will refuse to answer your question.
Thank you!
After-sales Service Application Form.xls
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  • what is the return policy for defective products. I have a tank that seems to leak and oil comes up thru the mouth piece. I get no help from the store where i bought it. i'm told to go on line' but cant find ANY info or link to what i need. Thanks for your time and help.
    Dave F.
    [email protected]
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Please check the tank and the coils carefully,if the coil is screwed to the base hardware tightly.If not,the leaking problem will happen.
    If the seals on the tank and the coil are all right here,no lost or no broken.
    If there is crack on th glass tube.Even a little crack will cause theproblem.
    What's more,please disassemble the base hardware off to check if the glass tube is connected to the upper chimney tightly.

    Here are our chief engineer suggestion to use our products correctly:
    For our 1.6ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:3.3V-4.2V,use it with normal e-go battery,which have constant voltage output.
    For our 1.8ohm coils,It is better to use them with voltage adjustable battery,the voltage should be 4.2-4.8,if the voltage is too low,the quantity of heat is not enough,however the e-juice with high VG,the e-juice can not be atomized very well,then the leaking problem will happend.We usually use VG proportion less than 50%(0-30%)

    If leaking problem is happen,please disassemble the device and wash it with clean water,then let it air dry for 1-2 days.
    Then change out the old coil,make sure,the coil must screwed to the base hardware tightly.
    Notice: the coil can not be washed with water.
    Our after-sale process is :when consumer found what their bought is defective,they can firstly check the security code on our website to confirm if it is original,When customer check it on our website,it should be original,no one check it before you.then ask the dealer for exchange,every dealer is responsible for their products,we need the dealer's help,for we don't see the defective.when any qualiy problems occur, they can ask for exchange from their previous dealer.We will send the replacement to our authorized selles.
    We suggest customer to ask the seller for sevice,for we can not see the defective,if the seller confirm the product is defect,you exchange from the seller,if the seller bought the products from us directly,they can ask us for replacement,if the seller bought the products from our authorized distributors,our authorized distributors will replacement it.
    Wish you all the best!
  • Please help this newbie vaper.

    I have an AspireCF Passthrough battery, with a CE atomizer and a clear tank. (I'm not sure what brand the tank and mouth piece are.

    I cleaned the tank, mouth piece and atomizer with vodka and water last night because the juice was getting very dark and thick and it had a slightly burned taste. It also seemed like I had to pull on it really hard to get a decent amount of vapor from it. I knew I'd have to let it dry overnight after cleaning so I bought a new KangerTech 650mAh battery and a KangerTech EVOD glass tank to use while the Aspire ECig was drying out.

    Today I decided the Aspire ecig was dry and so I refilled it after charging it. Now that I am comparing the Aspire with the KangerTech ecig I think there may be something wrong with my Aspire. The burned taste is gone, the juice is now clear, but the juice isn't as flavorful as the same juice is in the Kangertech model. Additionally it is much harder to pull the vapor into my lungs than the KangerTech. I did not clean the wicks, but the part of wick that is visible on the outside of the atomizer is perfectly clean and clear.

    What would you suggest?

    Thank you.

  • holy cow,i just signed up here too.
  • was your aspire variable wattage?
  • Should I use a certain charger for my new aspire 18650 battery?
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    @andrewjc you need buy a certain charger for the 18650 battery like the picture shows.
    If you search 18650 battery charger on alibaba,there will come out many choices you can choose from.
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