Flooding caused E-liquid to be inhaled, within 6hrs of purx

I bought my "Nautilus adjustable airflow tank" yesterday at 6:30pm. The company that sold it tome assisted me in filling it up and at 6:45pm I noticed the E-liquid coming out of adjustable airflow hole. The salesman cleaned out the air hole with compressed air and said it should be fixed now even though he didn't really fix anything, he just sprayed the air into the hole to clear out any liquid inside the hole but he never figured out how the fluid got in the air hole to begin with.
At 10:00pm I inhaled a massive amount of E-liquid into my lungs and during the coughing episode that followed I put the personal vaporizer on the table near where I was standing and during the coughing episode the vaporizer rolled off the table and fell 3 feet to the tile floor causing the glass tank to crack.. My entire brand new adjustable airflow tank system is garbage now because the glass tank is cracked.
The store where I purchased the Nautilus less then 24 hours ago said they cant replace the system because the glass tank was broken. However the tank is broken because of the flooding that occurred & not because of carelessness.

I would like to have Aspire replace the system. during the short period of time that I was able to use my Nautilus I really enjoyed the adjustable airflow system. hopefully I can get the system replaced so I can continue to enjoy your product.

Thank You,

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