Brand new Aspire Nautilus mini broke, what to do?

I only just purchased a e-cig machine off of a local shop this week. The store is fairly new and my sister knows the owner, so we felt pretty good about doing business here. My sister also has been using the same device we just purchased, which was significantly a better machine than my first attempt at e-cigs, so I wanted the exact same thing.

It was assembled in store as part of some "starter kit", but I was showed how to use it and filled it with juice in store just to make sure I knew what needed done. Fast forward to last night. The juice is almost empty, so it needs filled. No problem. I can NOT get the top off. Since the container is glass, I had no compulsion to use two sets of pliers like I would on any similar device, so I hit the internet and did some googling. The consensus was to either A) heat the top under hot water, or put in the freezer, or B) Use rubber kitchen gloves for a better grip. I chose option B.

The gloves help, but the top is barely moving with each attempt. Then it happened. The glass container broke. You could tell the stress was at the threads and for some reason, the mechanism inside that heats up the oil and connects to the battery (sorry, I don't know the proper terminology) didn't and doesn't come apart like it was supposed to. So now I have this barely 3 day old $50 broken paperweight.


Solved. Thanks
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