Spitting BVC

Got your large Nautilus tank and a 5-pack of 1.8Ω BVCs in the mail yesterday.
Tried everything but they are spitting hot e-juice even at 3.7V using a premium 50/50 juice in the tank on my Vamo V5 and the simplest eGo battery.

What am I doing wrong?

Haven't been able to verify the codes yet as the boxes are at home but the stuff came from a shop that I trust.
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  • Dear Friend,
    Thank you for supporting Aspire!
    we sincerely recommend you check the security code on our website to confirm if it is original?
    For your problem,our suggestions are as below:
    First,If the juice enter into you month and you can hear gurgle voice.for this situation,you catch the base of the nautilus,the drip tip adown,then swing the nautilus several times to let the excess juice out
    Second,adjust the airflow hole to the biggest
    Third: when you smoking your tongue don't withstand the drip tip
    What's more,it is important that the time of coils soaking into e-juice can not be too long,it it good for 3 or 5 minutes,otherwise,it is easy to cause leaking or e-juice enter into mouth,if the coils soaking into e-juice too long .
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • I had the same issue with verified authentic BVC coils.

    Suddenly you hear a crack sound and a "mini explosion" throws a drop of liquid into the mouth.

    It's not flooding. No gurgling or leaking.

    It's not lack of liquid, cause ist's producing enough vapor and no burn taste.

  • Dear Karakuta,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    After checked with our engineer,there is a suggestion for your reference:
    Because the calorific value of our coils are very large,it is better to turn on the battery and at the same time to smoke,rather than,first turn on the battery ,then smoke,in other word,the two action should do at the same time.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • One of the most common reasons for "spitting" is condensation. You need to routinely remove your drip tip and check for liquid buildup, I recommend a Q-tip.

    You can help prevent this by releasing the fire button and continue to inhale for another second this will clear the air chamber of all vapor and prevent it from condensing back into a liquid.
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