Aspire nautilus adjustable airflow tank

I have purchased two aspire nautilus adjustable airflow systems in the past two weeks...I am a total Vape smoker who has quit smoking regular cigarettes and value having my Vape working and in perfect condition....the inner stem in the system where the bottom and the coil screw into have several problems.....1st no matter how light you tighten the tank the coil gets stuck in ether the bottom part or the stem....this is to the point where you cannot remove the coil without real force.....second the bottom part of stem where it flairs out and the coil also screws in compleatly broke off within the second time I refilled both units....I have spent a total of $62.00+tax trying to get what I was told was one of the best units on the market....we'll I beg to differ.....I have gone back to the Vape store where I purchased it but all the blame rests on me in their eyes....this is wrong....this is why I now own two systems....I purchased the second and the exact thing happened.....again this was blamed on me......I have purchased $6.00 units that I still have and are still working......I think that if you are the company that I have heard so much about you will rectify this can contact me at my E-mail address you for your time
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  • I would first check and make sure you have real nautilus products, there seem to be as many fakes as real products in most brick and mortar stores. The problems you describe sound like a cheap knockoff to me.

    With that said there are two things you need to do when re-assembling to prevent the coil from loosening when going back in to refill, first you must tighten the coil into place very tight. Second, for your very first fill you should drop a small drop or two of liquid onto the large white silicon gasket, this will make it screw on and off much easier. This should prevent you from unscrewing the coil and loosen just the base like it should.
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