Aspire MODS to use with the Atlantis?

From what I have gathered here reading the forums, you cannot use any of the VV CF batteries for the Atlantis.
So then would it be that only the CF MOD and SUB-OHM CF mod are the only ones to useable with the Atlantis?
I have been using my Atlantis with a VV-VW box-mod. I like to be able to dial in an exact wattage that suits me. You do not have this option with the CF MOD or SUB-OHM CF mod, and the VV Mods are not capable of driving the Atlantis. Is this correct?

I think since Ive seen this question many times of what battery to use with the Atlantis, That it should be clearly stated in the description of the Atlantis in order to avoid confusion and unsatisfied customers.

Also I think it would only be natural for Aspire to develop a VV-VW SUB-OHM CF MOD!(?)
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  • I think you're correct on all counts. It's either the CF Mod, CF Sub-Ohm or a Mech Mod that can properly fire an Atlantis. VV/VW Mods like the IPV 3 for example (with digital readouts like you enjoy), absolutely will work, it's what my boss uses. The smaller CF VV+ type stick batteries simply won't do.

    Chances are probably very good that Aspire will continue to develop their product line. Larger Atlantis tanks, VV/VW, etc. is in the pipeline so to speak, I'm sure. :geek:
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Our CF series batteries like CF VV or CF VV+ or G-power or passthrough are not compatible with our Atlantis.For the output wattage is not enough to fire our Atlantis,we have stated on our Atlantis that Our Atlantis is compatible with 20-30W wattage output batteries.
    Our CF SUB ohm batteries are the upgraded version of our old CF series battery,the capacity has upgraded.the cap on the bottom can not be removed.Customer can use our old charger to charge it.
    Our CF MOD batteries is the upgraded version of traditional Mod,it has Protective electronic switch,which is easy to control when using.What's more,it has Overdischarge and Atomizer Short Circuit Protection.
    On the bottom of our CF MOD batteries,the cap can be removed,customer need fill in they own batteries.
    Customer can not charge the 18650 batteries with our CF MOD,they need remove the 18650 batteries out of our cf mod,and use the charger for the 18650 batteries to charge.Our CF MOD is just a holder.
    CF SUB Ohm or CF MOD both can be used with our Atlantis.If someone don't have the knowledge to operate the CF Mod ,we suggest to use our CF SUB Ohm battery.Also remember that the CF MOD does not come with a battery. You will have purchase an 18650 battery separately. You will also need to have battery charger that accepts 18650 batteries, as the CF MOD will not charge a battery via the Aspire USB charger.
    We will pass your requirement for wattage adjustable Mod to our engineer.Maybe your suggestion will be used on our next new products.

    Best regards!
  • We will have to wait patiently and cross our fingers...

    It seems like the market is heading towards box mods becoming the more popular item for 2015.
  • I like the options that come on most box mods. You can sub-ohm on alot of them. You have more versatility to find that sweet spot you like. with a push of the button I can see how many ohms of the head I have inside my Nautilus for example, how many volts, watts, and even temp. control on some of them (if you have a nickel coil). When I am experimenting with different juices and settings, I can make notes of where I found that sweet spot earlier.

    Ok I'll come right out and say it. Id like to see a CF Aspire mod that has capability to sub-ohm, VV and VW with OLED readout. Im liking the idea of temp. control too, havent tried it though.

    I admit I have a Carbon Fiber Fetish, but I'm not the only one!
  • I think Aspire would fill their pockets up with cash if they made a compact stainless steel and carbon fiber box mod. We've mentioned it before...
  • A carbon fiber box mod from Aspire !
  • And in the usual 4 different colours, pleeeease ! 8-)
  • Keep dreaming Cego...
  • Now, they know at least one or two persons would be interested ;)
  • Can I use the sub ohm battery with tanks higher than 1 ohm will it damage he battery or me?
  • Tollickd" said:
    Can I use the sub ohm battery with tanks higher than 1 ohm will it damage he battery or me?
    Dear Tollickd,
    In order to get good vapor and flavor,we don't suggest you to use our subohm battery with higher than 1ohm coil.

    Have a nice day!
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