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I purchased a Nautilus Mini a few days ago and I keep getting a metallic like taste every time I try to use it. I first thought that the coil had not absorbed my liquid yet and I let it sit over 24 hours. Today, it still did the same thing. I then disassembled the entire tank and soaked all of the pieces (besides the pyrex glass) in hot water for thirty minutes. I reassembled and added my juice and still get the metallic like taste. Is there a fix for this? Are the coils that came with it bad? Many of my friends have the same tank and they never had this issue.

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  • First I would check to make sure you have a real tank and coils with the amount of fakes out there.

    Next, once you fill the tank and re-assemble, take 2 or 3 dry hits without firing the device. Now let the tank sit for 1-2 minutes, take one last dry hit. At this point you should be ready to vape.
  • Everyone's taste buds are different. I too have a slight metallic taste with my mini (I even got it with my old Kanger stuff, which I don't use anymore).

    What I did to minimize it. Take it apart, put the coil aside. Take the remaining parts and boil them in tap water for 10 minutes. Yea, tap water. I tried distilled water and the taste remained. We get accustomed to our tap water and that's what we expect things to taste. Also the minerals in the tap water help leech away any unwanted metallic taste.

    After boiling, put the parts on a paper towel to cool. When cool enough to handle, buff with a facial tissue. To get the insides of the tube parts, twist up the facial tissue, or a pipe cleaner works. The air flow ring takes a bit to dry out. A hair dryer or a heat gun (on LOW and held AWAY with tweezers to prevent burning one self, be extremely careful not to over heat the seals with a heat gun) on the air flow ring help dry it out. Then rotate the ring and blow through all 4 holes to get the remaining water out.

    Reassemble as normal, fill (let the juice sit for 5 min), and try it out. You might be surprised at how well it tastes now.
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  • Not so useful advice.... my lettering came off half the Aspire logo on my metal tank.
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