Atlantis tank making me sick

I just got the Atlantis tank late last night. I read some posts and checkedthe code mine is 'authentic'

I am getting sick feeling when I Vape on this tank after a while, any help ??????
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  • What nicotine level are you using in you e-juice? You might be experiencing nicotine overdose.

    The problem with sub ohm'ng is that you get larger, denser vapor production which carries more nicotine. People who drip found out quickly that they have to get lower nicotine levels or they get ill.

    Try a 3mg/ml dosage of e-juice instead.
  • It's always a good idea to wash a new tank out, but I think Guz hit it on the spot... If you are using the same nicotine level liquid from use of a standard style clearomizer you need to drop your nicotine level. I would recommend dropping your level by half and then drop even further if you feel the need.

    In the meantime, you will just have to vape it less.
  • yes joseph is correct about that nicotine level on a powerful tank can be more inhaling on it then a regular tank.
    I felt a little dizzy when using mine with the nicotine level I use which is 16 and I decided to not take so large of vapes when using it cause its easy to vape on this tank and take more in then you need at once.
    and I don't use the largest airflow settings either.
    only time I do use the large airflow settings is when i want to show it off to friends or family.
    but I suggest use also the lower airflow settings too you get less air intake and maybe even less nicotine too.
    just take small vapes and do not chain vape.
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