Problem with Bottom Vertical Coils and Inquiry for More Info

Hello, I am having trouble with the bottom vertical coil operating on the 5ml Nautilus tank. Unless I substantially prime the coil by taking approximately 100 to 200 hits from the tank with or without powering the atomizer, I receive dry hits with a burning taste. It takes about ten minutes of doing this before the taste becomes normal and as it should be. Do you have good advice that can prevent this from occurring?

Additionally, do you have any information or suggestions about optimum operating conditions for the bottom (best voltage or wattage settings? best propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin e-juice mixtures? any other relevant information that may help to optimize the operation of bottom vertical coils?)

Also, the information on the box states to use a new bottom vertical coil replacement head every two weeks when it is being used at a rate of 500 puffs per day. I don't find this metric particularly useful, do you have any other data or metrics pertaining to the operating life of this device? (such as the volume of e-liquid that these coils will atomize before they need to be replaced?)
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  • I can't explain your dry hits, once you fill the tank it should prime itself in just a minute of sitting. You can always take a single puff without firing the device as well, but after an initial fill it needs to sit for a minute. It would be wise to take Aspire's advice and check your scratch code due to the amount of copycats of their products. Additionally, a high VG liquid will take longer to wick due to the thickness of it.

    As far as operating conditions, it is labeled on the coil itself and rated at 3.3 - 6.0 volts. If you go any higher than 6 volts or 20 watts, the wicking will not keep up and you'll get burnt flavor.

    I personally find that these BVCs will handle 30ml of liquid no problem per coil.
  • Hello,
    Please refer to nautilus mini manual that it is good to let nautilus mini stand for 3-5 minutes before use,which will let the e-juice absorbed into the wick/atomizer chamber.
    There is a trade off when selecting voltage or wattage,A lower voltage or wattage will provide longer battery life and higher voltage or wattage will give a little less but improved vapor production.Notice that nautilus series can not be use exceed 15W.
    For nautilus series product,its have a airflow adjust system,you can adjust the airflow hole to meet your vaping requirement.
    The coils are the consumables, the use frequency, battery voltage, the PG:VG proportion of e-liquid all can impact the coils' life,it is good that the VG proportion under 50%.Under regular using,the BVC coils will last about 10 days, If it is possible you can change your coils weekly,as you known,how long the coils are used will affect the taste of vaping.
    Thank you!
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